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Southern California Beaches

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I remembered you brought that the both of you were coming out to SoCal in the Airstream soon to escape the winter. Good choice. haha. It'd be fun to see both of your takes on SoCal beaches. There are so many to choose from.  Hope you enjoy the area. :D

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I'm from Huntington so I'm biased when it comes to that one. It's not everything but these are some of my favorites... 


  • El Matador 
  • Manhattan  
  • Venice (although I have a feeling you might have already been through this one) 
  • Santa Monica



  • Huntington 
  • Newport 
  • Cyrstal Cove
  • Laguna 
  • Seal Beach 


San Diego: 

  • Corando 
  • Oceanside 
  • Torrey Pines (great paragliding/hang gliding here at the Gliderport) 
  • La Jolla 
  • Mission Beach 


You can't go wrong with a drive down PCH, to be honest. 

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