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  1. Hellllllo!

    My friend lived in Ethiopia though I haven't been. Tanzania is next on my radar as my sister and I are going to try to climb Kilimanjaro! *fingers crossed* Love the idea of your commune/community garden. I was the Director of an (anarchist) worker's cooperative back in Canada, so I'm definitely into/familiar with communal working and living. More than happy to chat sometime and share the ins and outs of back-breaking organic farming
  2. Hellllllo!

    Hey everyone! Chris here, a Canadian that lives in Sweden...that is currently in Nairobi, Kenya! I'm a remote worker, so I have the luxury of being able to hop around (assuming I can find reliable wifi!). I spent my formative years farming in Ontario, managing an organic farm for about 11 years. I also co-owned a restaurant and picked up a university degree in history along the way. I'm a big nerd (Star Wars and D&D anyone?) and spend my free time reading, writing, hiking, and dabbling in chess. Looking forward to meeting some fellow travellers!