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    Would love to hear any suggestions you might have?
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    Hi Kathryn! It's so nice to e-meet you. We are going to be spending our winter in California. Would love any suggestions as to what we should see in do?! Can't wait to get to know you.
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    I would actually love that. I have a lot of questions and will have many more once we actually get the land.
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    Hi Chris! Nice to meet you. I'm so jealous you're in Kenya. Siya and I both want to travel there in the next year. I'd also love to go to Ethiopia. Have you been there? Also, so cool about how you used to farm in Ontario!!! Man I need to pick your brain. We are looking to buy land and build a commune and of course have a massive community garden. I love the idea of growing my own food. Thanks for sharing a bit about how you are with us and looking forward to connecting. - Kristen
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    Hey Hopscotchers! Welcome to the Hopscotch the Globe Community Forum. This is the place where you can ask all of your questions, get answers and make friends with like minded people from all around the world. Sign up to join the community and post away! - Kristen